The DigiTelescope Transformation Framework helps identify areas of change in an enterprise’s traditional IT infrastructure. Our Implementation Services offering is the catalyst for realizing the change: transform existing business models to a platform design. And use the platform design to rapidly scale up potential and peripheral market opportunities.

Our vision of a platform approach is to go beyond the traditional siloed IT models. We believe that a technology platform in itself is a business model. The platform approach focuses on solutions that span across enterprise functional areas, allowing future technologies to be implemented in keeping with an enterprise’s overall goals. We also believe the platform ‘revolution’ works both ways, i.e. business impacting technology, and technology driving business growth.

When enterprises have a lot of clunky back-office applications, DigiTelescope first identifies and automates approaches to migrate vital data in the right structures. Next, our analysts provide solutions for capacity planning, virtualization, and migration planning from physical to virtual infrastructure. Finally, we devise data transformation solutions to extract information from legacy systems to the new platform.

We have learned that trust, timeliness and transparency are the pillars of such a migration.