Power of the Pilot

When our team began an engagement with a retail multinational in Europe, they first focussed on understanding its culture. This was an enterprise with people across geographic markets globally, and myriad work behaviors, unified by one set of values.

So instead of formal meetings and workshops, we learned the business processes at informal gatherings. A lot of the employees’ questions and clarifications came up at coffee-sittings and group events. We quickly gauged that the strong culture also protected the legacy system because people have been using and trusting it for a long time. There is resistance to change. That’s where our pilot approach to transition worked wonders.

As a partner to this change, we identified a core group of people across geographies. They became our change advocates. We knew that success lay in convincing this core group that the new system would indeed make their lives easier. So, this hand-picked group got a first-look of the new system — its beta version. As we executed the project in three months along with this core group, each of them became an advocate of the new system.

Our takeaway: How fast we understand your business and its people is the most critical factor for the pilot phase in a multicultural organisation. We assimilate the way your enterprise works by becoming part of it.